Stories of Central Asia

Learn about some of the people we have encountered. Each person has their own story and their own challenges. Stories like these are what fuel our motivation to bring hope to Central Asia.

Ruslan’s Story

Ruslan is the older brother of Daria and Artyom, and his experiences much of the same hardships, but with the additional responsibility of being the oldest sibling.


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Ruslan picture

Daria’s Story

Daria and her brother Artyom recently just lost their mother to sickness and drug abuse. Now they have to pick up the pieces and continue to live their life and work hard while mourning their mother.


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Artyom’s Story

Daria and Artyom’s father was addicted to drugs and was a very aggressive man. He disappeared one day, and they haven’t heard from him since. The rumors say that he’s dead. Their mother was also addicted to drugs and suffered from tuberculosis.


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Artyom in from of a tree June 2021

Faizullah’s Story

Faizullah is a 13-year-old orphan living in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan.  Faizullah’s family used to have a very good life and his father was a rich man, but he was addicted to gambling. He gambled until he lost everything.


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Mariam’s Story

During the civil war, Mariam’s father, Shamsuddin, was an immigrant in Pakistan, so his motherless children had to live in the refugee camp.  Later on, the Pakistan government forced Shamsuddin and his children to move back to Afghanistan. When they returned to Afghanistan, they discovered that their home had been destroyed.


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Said Safdar

Sayeed’s Story

10-year-old Sayeed Safdar is one of the abandoned children in the city of Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. Safdar’s father was working as a handyman in the city, when he was killed in 2015 in a tragic suicide bombing attack in Balkhab.


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Mujeeb’s Story

Mujeeb’s father lost his life in 2014 due to health issues. His conditions were curable, however, he could not get proper medical attention due to his financial situation, which unfortunately led to his death.


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