Nurzada’s Story

Nurzada was born in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan and lived with her mother and grandmother. She never knew her dad, his name wasn’t even on her birth certificate. They somehow managed to get by, and sometimes her mother’s sister helped them out financially. 

Nurzada had a calm and uneventful childhood until her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. By the time she was ten, her mother had died. The grandmother, unable to care for Nurzada herself, sent her to live with her aunt Nuraiym and her 3 children in Bishkek. In 2017 Nuraiym was given official guardianship of Nurzada, and the grandmother passed away early in 2022. Nuraiym makes a small salary as a cleaner but as the only provider, she barely has enough to care for her 3 children and Nurzada. 

 Right now Nurzada is in 9th grade and does not want to continue formal schooling. She wants to learn vocational skills so she can move immediately into the workforce to help provide for her family. She discovered the Hope Center through social media and immediately came for an interview. 

 Nurzada is now in our English course. She is very responsible and is learning quickly. She hopes that as she grows her English skills she can improve her quality of life. 

Nurzada is an open, cheerful, and a life loving girl, and we are so happy for the opportunity to bless her and give her new hope. 

Thank you for helping us make this happen.