What We Do

Our programs are focused on holistic change. Rather than simply providing for immediate needs, we seek to give resources and services that can change lives and break cycles of poverty, drug addiction, and child abandonment.

Training Center

Our training center in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan provides vocational training, computer classes, and language classes for widows, single mothers, and the poor youths in the area so they can find better jobs and provide for themselves and their families long-term.

To support our training center, donate here and choose “Hope Training Center”.

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Relief Services

Many times people find themselves in an emergency. They can’t pay for medicine, shelter, or food, and find themselves on the street or close to death. We identify those people who are in need of immediate support and give them what they need so they can get back on their feet and long-term needs can be addressed. 

To help people in immediate need, donate here and choose “Relief Services”.


Child Sponsorship

Thousands of children in Central Asia are abandoned and working on the streets, and find themselves addicted to drugs. For $39 a month you can provide the resources for a child to be rescued out of a dangerous situation, rehabilitated, and given what they need to be healthy, in school, and full of hope. We do ask that everyone who chooses to sponsor a child commits to doing so for a minimum of one year. Once you donate, we will contact you with details. 

To sponsor a child and provide hope for children like Samim and Sair, donate $39 here and choose “Sponsor a Child”.

Samim and Sair, orphans who were given a second chance.
Samim and Sair, orphans who were given a second chance.

Summer Camp

Every year we run a summer camp for orphans in the Bishkek area. They are given the opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills, play fun games, learn English and about American culture, and make new friends.

SOC 2018 Summer Camp

Programs in the USA

Our US-based programs will help incoming foreigners (immigrants, refugees, temporary workers, and migrants) adjust to life in their new multi-cultural communities. We will provide free or low-cost English or other language courses. We hope to help with translating and completing the necessary paperwork; for example, applications for food stamps, low-income housing, etc. We will also assist them in finding and using local community resources like hospitals, libraries, assisted living and similar.