After two outreach distributions of items to help these refugee families in January, we have continued our support in 3 communities in the DFW area.



*Adel is a widow with many children. She recently lost her job and relies only on family support from fellow refugees in her community and government assistance to get all she needs for her children. We have begun to meet with this family, serving them, eating with them, and sharing stories. Other members of this community will often come by and join us. They would really enjoy making new American friends!


*Amara has worked hard to integrate into American life. A former teacher, she now helps other refugees like herself to learn English and culture. We are grateful to encourage her and walk alongside her and hope we can do more with grants or other financial contributions to help her and her family improve their circumstances. She hopes for a university education for herself and her young adult children in the future. 


We have begun meeting right where they live, in the apartment activities center, for English as a Second Language courses for 13 Afghan refugee women. Our teachers and helpers are only women, which they really appreciate and honors their culture. They are currently working at a Beginner level and making beautiful progress. This is amazing when you consider many have never learned to read or write in any language. We are also building quality relationships with them, laughing and learning from one another about our cultures.


We also have male volunteers meeting with a few of the men to provide business coaching and further their work development and experience, connecting them with local resources and encouraging them. 

Some of the children play and do fun activities while the moms learn.


Fort Worth

We have been providing relief services to three refugee families in Fort Worth.


*Zain often provides aid to his fellow refugees. So when he fell behind in his own payments, due to working shorter hours and difficulty from an old injury, we stepped in to aid him in his rent and utilities payment. He has a wife and 3 young children, including an infant. We continue to be welcomed into his home for tea and to build a relationship.


*Sian and her 4 children were facing homelessness when her husband lost his job. Just 2 days before the cold front with temperatures as low as 12 degrees F, we were able to stop the eviction process, allowing them to remain in their home. The husband is now working to support his family.  We continue to follow up with them. 


*Jotham has been in the U.S. only 4 months. His meager earnings aren’t enough to support his family, and not having any English language, we stepped in to support him and his family as they work to get proper documentation to receive other benefits. We have also connected him with a local friend in our community and hope to help them as they integrate into this new place.

We are grateful for these opportunities, and we would gladly welcome more local volunteers (social workers, teachers, mentors, business coaching, driving schools) who can meet practical needs and build relationships with these families! 


*names have been changed.






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