Our Russian language courses for Afghan Refugee women finish soon!

This was the first time our Hope Center has offered Russian language courses, and after 2 semesters and 2 different sets of classes with 14 students each, we are in the final day of classes. We are so encouraged by the persistence these women have shown as they continue to take courses despite the difficulties they face as refugees, also caring for the needs of their children and households. With the skills they have gained, they have sufficient Russian language skills to apply for work. It is so encouraging to them, after so many years living in this new place and culture, to have this basic building block for life here. The support of loving relationships with our staff at the Hope Center give them confidence and hope they have so desperately needed. We hope to continue to be an encouragement to them as they pursue working and bringing an end to cycles of poverty, for their families now and in the future!


We are so thankful to all who have supported our Hope Center so that we could bring this new class to so many women. As these courses finish, we will soon begin offering English courses to a blended class of Afghan, Russian, Kyrgyz, Korean, and other nationalities residing in Bishkek.

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