Summer Classes Update


We want to give you a quick update on our summer classes at the Hope Center. 

4 classes have recently started:

English level 1, with 12 students

English Level 2, with 12 students

The computer class, with 10 students

The English conversation class, with 14 students

The English classes will each be four months, the computer class 2 months, and the conversation class 5 weeks. 


The students in these classes are 16-55 years old and come from poor families and communities, all with different backgrounds and stories. 

With each new set of students, we are so blessed to be able to provide them with the hope and the opportunity to be able to choose their future and get ahead in life, despite their current circumstances. Thank you so much for your financial support. Your donations help us to implement these projects and give hope. 


Nick and The Source of Compassion Team

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