SOC Camp Group

With much learning, work, & support the 2023 summer camp has now ended!

Filled with many disadvantaged youth and staffed with our amazing volunteers, this camp is an opportunity to show them some fun, allow them a safe/beautiful space, and build lasting relationships. Most of the campers do not have the ability to experience an opportunity like this with activities such as:

  • Practicing English with native speakers
  • Playing sports & games in a beautiful location
  • Swimming
  • Sharing cultural activities
  • Art
  • & more!

So much has happened already and lasting memories have been made!



Your involvement makes a huge difference! It is the difference between not having a camp and being able to organize and implement an amazing camp experience that these people will remember for the rest of their lives.


Thank You

Thank you for your support in making this happen!


If anyone is interested in joining us, please click the “Give Today” button below or reach out to for any questions you have.

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