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On June 5th, 2023, Source of Compassion started the new “Cabin Crew” course at the Hope Center, taught by Benjamin Wilson. This is a short-term (5-week) course with 14 students (ages 18-35) who have completed our English intermediate-level courses. These students dream of finding jobs as members of cabin crew with various airlines. The course is free for those who attend and is the first course of its kind in this country.

An excerpt from Benjamin Wilson’s letter (our new teacher) to peek into the challenges and opportunities for our new course:

“Source of Compassion recently moved buildings. Their new building is cheaper, but it is also much smaller. The classrooms only have capacity for about 12-15 students per session…

The day after I arrived, I began teaching. Every student enrolled in an SoC course demonstrates some kind of need: they are either social orphans (lacking parental presence) or poor women (widows, single mothers, refugees, etc.). The students recently finished a course on becoming a stewardess, so the course I am teaching now is a follow-up to that. Topical courses like these have never been taught with this organization, so it is very experimental…

Outside of the class I teach, I also help with the other classes. Right now we have a Kyrgyz teacher named Albina who is very sweet with the students. By being a native English speaker, I am able to provide valuable input for her and her students, as well as provide one-on-one instruction for specific students while she teaches.”

Hope Center

At the Hope Center, we offer employment training and services, which include different levels of English courses, a computer course, and specialized training courses for employment. At the end of our programs, our hope is that these poor people have better chances of finding better jobs and foundation for a better life.

Thank You!

As always, we maintain our beliefs that “everyone is deserving of compassion and the right kind of intervention can change lives.”
Thank you to the supporters of Source of Compassion for providing the financial means of upholding these beliefs and continuing serving the people in Kyrgyzstan.

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