New Kyrgyzstan Afghan Refugee Project


It is with grateful hearts we enjoy a new opportunity!


Many Afghan refugee women gathered at our Hope Center in Kyrgyzstan. They have come to Source of Compassion in hopes of finding help. On September 5, 2023, we held a consultation meeting in order to triage the needs of these women. We discovered that many of these women have little education and some have only completed primary school classes. In Afghanistan, these women were often forced to stay in their homes as it was unsafe, especially for women, to leave. Despite living in Kyrgyzstan for years, with fewer restrictions, they have continued to remain isolated in their homes for various reasons. Many of them have depression or anxiety, loneliness, and few employable skills. Their lack of education and work experience diminish their quality of life.

However, there is Hope! At the Hope Center, we are prepared for the opportunity to begin building relationships via practical services such as sewing and Russian language courses. This will allow these women to leave their homes, to build healthy relationships and community, to learn a new language that will help them communicate well in Kyrgyzstan, and to learn life skills that will equip and empower them to overcome isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety, cycles of poverty, and unemployment. They can then pursue a higher quality of life and bright hope for the future. 

This new project will be run in addition to the computer skills and English language courses already being offered. These courses bring hope and employment opportunities to the cultural blend of peoples living in Kyrgyzstan (poor, orphans, single mothers, and widows of Kyrgyz, Russian, and Korean descent).

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