Russian Language Courses Progress

We are so grateful to continue our Russian Language classes at the Hope Center in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan! The students have been learning the alphabet and short words in Russian and continue to progress with fun games and flashcards in addition to their curriculum. These 14 ladies have been diligent to attend classes, despite the colder weather. The center was able to bring in a couple of space heaters to warm the classrooms as temperatures drop. 




They are also building supportive relationships with the teachers and staff at the center. We believe having a place to form community is a vital part of their learning, a way to bring them hope out of their current situation, and helps them to work together toward a more promising future.


We say congratulations to the progress they are making! They will soon finish this Beginner level course and progress to our Level 1 courses.


The generosity of our supporters enables us to continue to provide classes. 


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