Dilbarkhan is the grandmother of two of our sponsored children here at Source of Compassion. Last year in October, we were brought in an anonymous donor and we were able to provide monthly financial support for her as well. Dilbarkhan participated in the Christmas Eve celebration in December and she was able to have a moment to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Your support has met the REAL, practical NEEDS of their families and given us the opportunity to share HOPE with her and her family. Thank you!

Dilbarkhan’s Story: A Letter

My name is Jailupova Dilbarkhan Abdivalievna. I was born on May 8, 1959 in the village of Kok-Bel in the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. I graduated from high school and study a short course of customer service and worked as a seller in a small store in the village of Asylbash. My husband worked as a tractor driver and we had 3 children (a daughter and two sons) in a village. My daughter and two of her kids lived and worked in the city of Shopokova.

My husband died in 2017, then my daughter died in 2018.

After the death of my husband and daughter, I moved to Shopokov city and become responsible to take care of my two grandkids. It became very difficult for me because I am old and have health problem and the only income is my monthly pension is a small amount, three thousand Som (about $40). This money is not covering my medication needs, we don’t have enough to live on. My sons have their own family. They also don’t have enough to live on. They live very poor and cannot help me.

For these two kids, I didn’t have any resources to provide for their needs like school supplies, school uniform, clothes, or meals. I went to many places, knock the doors for help, but all the answer was negative. In the end I become hopeless and stressful.

In 2021, through the mayor of our city, bring to us Source of Compassion. This organization first sponsored my first grandchild Anwar. Then they found a sponsor for my second grand kid Azat and my two grandchildren started to go to school to continue their education. My heart and senses become calmed because I am sure for the future of my two children. They are my everything – my dream, my hope, and my happiness. Now SOC finds support for me too. I am very grateful for SOC and the sponsors for their generosity and kindness. I can not tell in words how much I am happy for your help.

With respect,

Dilbarkhan Abdivalievna

Thank you to everyone who has given and supported Source Of Compassion! Your role is an invaluable part of this mission!

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