Source of Compassion, during the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, helps people via different projects in communities that are in need. These communities are in tremendous need. Elders, widows, and low-income families are in need during the pandemic and these individuals will remain in need after it’s over, due to recovery.

Currently, one of the most effective ways to serve the people in need is our relief service programs. All of our volunteers have come together to help implement the relief project launching our second distribution on April 15, 2021. Our Source of Compassion office branch in Bishkek distributed flour and oil to these families, the elderly, widows, and orphans in the area of Bishkek.

We would like to thank you along with all the other donors who made this event possible.

SOC is currently seeking more donations to continue doing projects to help those in need. Your contribution is very appreciated. These areas are in need of more distributions to help fight against hunger in the region.


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